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Ensured pay – Money transfer, Utility, Recharge, Aeps services

Ensured payment bank

Ensured Pay is the ultimate app for all your financial needs.

Use our app to transfer money to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Pay your utility bills, such as electricity, water, gas, and phone, with just a few clicks. 

Recharge your mobile phone or DTH service with multiple options and offers.

Access various finance services, such as loans, investments, and insurance.

Get your PAN card easily and quickly. You can open an online savings account with attractive interest rates.

You can also buy car and bike insurance with hassle-free claims and renewals. Ensured Pay is the app that does it all for you.

Manage multiple bank accounts with Ensured Pay, transfer funds, receive online payments, and monitor balances


Ensured payments bank retailers

Unlimited earnings await you when you provide multiple banking services to customers.

The ultimate platform for easy and safe transactions

Get paid instantly for every transaction.

Ensured Pay’s dashboard is a masterpiece of modern technology.

The ultimate Android app for all your needs

Quick onboarding and training

With Ensured Pay, you can collect, track, and manage payments seamlessly with easy reconciliation and real-time settlement of funds. No delays, no worries, no problems.

We’re always here for you, by phone, email, or WhatsApp.


become an AEPS agent in your area.

If you want to earn the highest commission in the payments bank industry, You should join Ensured Pay and become an AEPS agent in your area.

As an AEPS agent, you can provide various banking services to your customers, such as cash withdrawals, account balance checks, and mini statements, using their Aadhaar number and biometric authentication.

You can also enjoy other benefits such as low investment, high returns, and easy setup.

Provide the facility of automated teller machines that allow customers to withdraw money from their bank accounts using their debit cards.

We offer the benefit of instant settlements that ensure that you receive your payments without any delay or hassle and attractive commissions that reward you generously for your hard work and dedication.

Micro ATM services - ensured pay

Payment solution ensured payments bank

We offer an unparalleled variety of options and methods for collecting payments from your customers, clients, or partners, whether it is online, offline, domestic, or international, ensuring that you can always receive your money in a timely and convenient manner.

With our service, you can accept payments from your customers or clients through a wide range of options and methods that are secure, fast and easy to use.

You can choose from upi, Qr code, credit card, debit card, internet banking, wallet and many more ways that suit your needs and preferences.

You can also customize your payment page, track your transactions and get instant notifications.

With our service, you can transfer money instantly to any bank account in India, without any hassle or delay.

You can also earn the highest and most attractive commission in the industry, as well as access multiple banks with 100% uptime guarantee. Whether you want to send money to your family, friends, business partners or customers, you can do it with ease and convenience using our service.

You can also enjoy other features such as low transaction fees, secure payment gateway, real-time tracking and 24/7 customer support.

Money transfer ensured payment bank

Ensured pay Bank of Maharashtra saving account

With our service, you can open your customers zero balance savings account instantly with Bank of Maharashtra, one of the leading public sector banks in India.

Your customers will also get a cheque book, a pass book and a debit card along with their account, which they can use for various banking transactions and services.

You can also earn a handsome commission for every account you open, as well as enjoy other benefits such as low investment, high returns and easy setup.

If you want to become a NSDL payment bank agent, you can do so with our service.

You can instantly activate your account with a trading account, which will allow you to buy and sell securities online.

You can also provide various digital banking services to your customers, such as cash withdrawal, money transfer, bill payment, and more.

You can also earn a high commission for every transaction you make.

Don’t miss this opportunity and sign up now!

NSDL payment bank - ensured pay

Recharge and bill payments-ensured payment bank

With Ensured Pay, you can make all kinds of recharge under one wallet, without any hassle or delay.

You can recharge your prepaid mobile, Dth, postpaid bill payment, and also pay your utility bills through (BBPS) Bharat bill payment.

You can also enjoy other benefits such as low transaction fees, high commission, secure payment gateway and 24/7 customer support.

With our service, you can offer PAN card services of NSDL and UTI in your area and increase your earnings significantly.

You can help your customers to apply for a new PAN card or update their existing one, using their Aadhaar number and biometric authentication.

You can also get instant commission for every PAN card you process, without any hassle of physical documents or paperwork.

You can also enjoy other features such as low investment, high returns and easy setup.

Pan card services - ensured pay

Ayushman Bharat health card - ensured pay

With EnsuredPay, you can issue the Ayushman Bharat health card to customers and earn commission for every card you process.

The Ayushman Bharat health card is a unique identifier that enables customers to access various healthcare benefits under the Ayushman Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (AB PM-JAY) scheme. such as up to Rs. 5 lakh in free medical treatment per family per year.

you can become an insurance agent and provide various types of insurance to your customers, such as health insurance, car insurance, bike insurance, life insurance, and term insurance.

You can help your customers choose the best insurance plan for their needs and budget and also assist them in claim settlement and renewal.

You can also earn 15 to 20% commission for every insurance policy you sell, as well as offer meddie buddy services to your customers, which include free doctor consultations, discounted medicines and lab tests, and health tips.

Health & motor insurance-ensured payment bank

Loan emi repayment services - ensured pay

With our convenient and secure online payment options, you can easily pay your monthly installments for various types of loans. Whether you need to pay for your home loan, personal loan, car loan, or any other loan, you can do it with just a click of a button.

We offer multiple payment facilities to suit your preferences and needs. Paying your loan emi has never been easier.

With our user-friendly and comprehensive dashboard, you can easily manage and pay all your utility bills in one place.

You don’t have to worry about missing any deadlines or paying extra charges for different services.

You can pay your electricity, pipe gas, and water bills, as well as your mobile, landline, DTH, and broadband bills, and more, with just a few clicks.

Our dashboard lets you track your usage, view your payment history, and get alerts for upcoming bills.

Utility bill payment services - ensured pay

Ensured pay distributor

If you want to grow your business and earn more income, you can become a distributor with us.

You can create an unlimited retailer network in your own distribution, with no limit on the number of retailers you can add.

You will get a real-time and attractive commission on every transaction made by your retailers.

You can also monitor and manage your network with our easy-to-use dashboard.

Becoming a distributor is a great opportunity to expand your reach and increase your profits.

Don’t wait any longer. Join us today and become a distributor.

Become an Ensured Pay retailer and offer your customers the best service.

You’ll receive instant and attractive commissions for every transaction, making you a dependable and esteemed banker in your locality.

You’ll also provide your customers with fast, secure, and convenient payment options, saving them time and hassle. Don’t miss this opportunity to boost your income and reputation as the neighborhood banker.

Ensured pay retailer

Ensured payment bank android application

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